Bi-Directional Steerable Diagnostic Catheters

STEEROCATH-DX Bi-Directional Steerable Diagnostic Catheter
STEEROCATH-DX Bi-directional Catheter Curve
STEEROCATH-DX Mapping Catheter
STEEROCATH-DX?Bi-Directional Steerable Diagnostic Catheter
STEEROCATH-DX?Bi-directional Catheter Curve - The STEEROCATH-DX?Special Procedure Octapolar Catheter is designed to map difficult to access anatomy.
STEEROCATH-DX?Mapping Catheter - The STEEROCATH-DX?Catheter is on the familiar BLAZER? Catheter handle platform.



Product Details

Procedural Benefits

  • Active bi-directional steering with the familiar BLAZER? Catheter handle platform
  • Accurate tip control for excellent site access and tip stability
  • Allows back steering to advance the catheter through tortuous vasculature and further into the coronary sinus to facilitate left atrial mapping

Adjustable tension control

  • Freedom to adjust tension
  • Enables precise micromovements and locking of curve
  • Ability to soften pressure on distal segment for mapping difficult-to-access anatomy

Extended distal shaft

  • Soft extended shaft segments designed to reduce risk of perforation
  • Combination of soft distal tip and high torque proximal tubing is designed to increase maneuverability

Device Illustration

SteeroCath-Dx Handle
Familiar BLAZER handle
Description Specifications
Shaft Diameter 7F
Usable Length 110cm
Electrode Material Platinum/Iridium
Curve Size Special Procedure
Curve Direction Bidirectional
Configuration Octapolar

Ordering Information

Model Number? Electrode Configuration Electrode Spacing Cable Model Number

M004 2027BL O?
Octapolar 2.5mm M004 6268 0?
M004 2028BL O? Octapolar 2.5/5/2.5mm M004 6268 0?


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