Platinum Plus?

Guidewire .014" & .018"

Platinum Plus? Guidewire .014" & .018"
Platinum Plus? Guidewire?

Extra Support for contralateral approach and device delivery, enhanced tip strength for crossing stenosed lesions.

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Product Details

Tip design: spring coil

Core: extra support stainless steel shaft

Coating: 018” available in hydrophilic and Silicone (non-hydrophilic) 

Unique benefits: 4-5g tip load (.018”), 7g tip load (.014”), platinum coil tip for visibility

Product Specifications

Tip Style Tip Taper Distal Coating Diameter (in) Length (cm)
Straight, shapeable Short (3cm) Glidex? Hydrophilic .014 180, 300
Straight, shapeable Short (3cm) Glidex Hydrophilic or?Mediglide? Silicone .018 60, 180, 260
Straight, shapeable Long (8cm) Mediglide Silicone .018 145, 180, 260
Straight, shapeable Short (3cm) Mediglide Silicone .025 180, 260