RF Cannulae

Radiofrequency Ablation for Pain Management

RF Cannulae
RF Cannulae
Available in a wide variety of sizes.
Color coded to match the electrode of corresponding length.

RF Cannulae with siliconized insulation are designed to offer enhanced lubricity. The EchoRF? cannulae are designed to have enhanced visibility under ultrasound.


Products Detail

All Boston Scientific cannulae are available in a wide variety of sizes, and are color coded to match the electrode
of corresponding length. 

Available Tips 

  • Straight Sharp
  • Curved Sharp
  • Curved Blunt

Available Lengths

  • 5CM 
  • 10CM 
  • 15CM
  • 20CM

Unified RF Injection Electrode

All-In-One Electrode, Cannula and Injection Tube

Unique to Boston Scientific, the Unified RF Injection Electrode is designed to simplify your RF ablation procedures.

This all-in-one disposable includes the cannula, electrode, and injection tube in one simplified device and is engineered to minimize cannulae movement, giving you confidence in functionality, precision, and control.

  • EASE OF USE: Designed to simplify your RF procedure — the functionality of three products in one

  • STREAMLINED: Engineered to minimize steps due to the all-in-one design 

  • MORE OPTIONS: Thoughtfully designed to reduce your fluoroscopy exposure with EchoRF ultrasound guided tips 

  • CONVENIENT: Developed as a sterile-packed, one-time use kit to eliminate sterilization planning 
Disposable TCD electrodes and Disposable Unified electrodes are also available in convenient 4-piece procedure packs.


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Indications, Safety, and Warnings

Read the RF Cannulae Indications for Use, Precautions and other Safety Information.